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Solid State Disk SAN
10 x faster than FC SAN

  EtherDrive SAN provides fast storage area network solutions exceeding Fibre Channel speeds at Ethernet prices. SSDs deliver outstanding performance, greater reliability, and significant power savings while providing the industry’s highest IOPS per watt for storage area networks. Independent IOMeter test results show SSD yields more than 10X performance improvement over traditional hard disk drives.
Tier 0 applications place a premium on performance, and EtherDrive SAN with SSDs deliver extreme IOPS using the ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) lightweight network storage protocol.

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System Management Appliance

   KBOX is the Systems Management Appliance that saves you time, and saves your company money. Our vision at KACE is to provide an appliance-based approach to systems management, to save time for systems administration professionals, while saving money for their companies.

KBOX Family of easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable appliances fulfills all of the systems management needs of a medium enterprise, from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement.

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Clientless Internet Acceleration

Many industries struggle with managing bandwidth-intensive applications such as video and imaging. FastSoft’s one-to-many acceleration products improve transfer times up to 30x, helping companies that rely on the Internet to transfer large files – especially video – to remote offices, business partners, and customers.
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    Consolidation has become a key concept in IT environments. Reducing the number of servers – and hence the amount of data, equipment, storage gear, and personnel required in an IT organization – is now a priority for many large companies.

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    The need for storage capacity continues to outpace revenue growth, expected to reach 50% year-over-year, with 5,500 petabytes expected to ship by the end of 2006. As more content and data are in digital format, increased file serving and storage capabilities are needed. As a result, storage costs represent an increasing share of the IT budget.

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   AoE is an open standards based protocol that allows direct network access to disk drives by client hosts such as web servers, mail servers, or cluster servers. AoE devices are presented as standard block devices to the host OS. On Linux hosts AoE devices show up in the /dev directory as etherd/x.x. On Windows hosts, the driver presents an AoE device as a hard disk in the Windows device manager, once formatted it becomes a “letter” drive.
    AoE devices can be formatted (or partitioned and formatted) with any filesystem (ie. EXT3, NTFS, FAT32, XFS, JFS, GFS, etc.). If the AoE volume is to be simultaneously shared by more than one host, a “cluster filesystem” like GFS must be used.

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    Companies that depend on the transfer of large files- like video and design files- lose valuable time and productivity waiting for data to download. FastSoft's Aria product line decreases the file transfer wait time for clients, employees, partnrts and suppliers with a single-box tool that does not require any hardware or software on the receiving end.

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  As a systems management professional, you perform many tasks: Desktop Administrator, Network Administrator, Help Desk Manager, System Administrator, among others. You are under constant pressure to do more with less, ensure security and compliance, improve the accuracy of IT inventory and help desk responsiveness.

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Real Time Storage Compression for NAS, iSCSI and FC

Storewiz STN-6000 is a revolutionary product, which provides OVER 50% SAVING of the existing and future STORAGE COST  using A Real-Time Data Compression

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